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Cleaning Service (PT. Tulodo Monggo Agung) is a cleaning service company with decades of experience. We are here to continue to maintain service quality and have a high commitment to customer satisfaction. Monggo Cleaning Service is here to maintain and care for your office properly because we realize that it is very important to support or support your business. MOCLS Office Cleaning Service is the best solution for office cleanliness.

MOCLS fully realizes that cleanliness is very important to support customer business, even for the cleanliness of offices, apartments, hotels, hospitals and restaurants, which is very vital because it is directly related to the main business. We appreciate every rupiah spent by customers by continuing to maintain cleaning services as expected.

Monggo Cleaning Service is the right choice for those of you who are looking for Cleaning Services for Offices, Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants etc. 

In addition, MOCLS-PT Tulodo Monggo Agung also provides application-based Call Cleaning Services which can be downloaded on the Android "MOCLS Application"

Please contact our staff immediately to get the best cleaning service.



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